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I take my car today to wheeling il 9 am to do brake john manager stay 2h on the phone only 1 man work inside after 2h is czek my car and tell me to eait 2 more h to repair how is this company only be work one man i so nerves i take my car and *** from 3 h wait.
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Aug, 5th, 2016 Today, my wife and I went into the CarX in Eden Prairie, MN to have the breaks in my car looked at because it was squeaking. Steve Rosoff, the Manager, assisted us. The mechanic took the tires off the car and Steve had us go look at it explaining to us what the problem was -- a locked caliper in the passenger side tire and it needed to be fixed. While he was on the phone trying to find the cost of the part to give us a quote,...
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I didn't like
  • I did not like being verbally assalted and threatened staff
  • Lied verbally assalted by staff
Car X - Ripped off by Car-x on Western
I took my car to be looked at for a loud clanging noise coming from the bottom of the car. Dennis told me that the flywheel/flex plate and torque converter were loose and could possibly be tightened. After further checking, he said they both were too damaged to just tighten. Dennis, a manager said both items needed to be replaced. I asked to see the flywheel/ flex plate and it is not damaged. (Dennis said it was scratched) This is a heavy gauge...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service